Diversion Program Development

Remote Auditing and Surveillance

As-needed and ongoing review of transaction data.

Policies & Procedures

Development of policies and procedures to prevent, detect, and respond.

Risk Analysis

Evaluation of the risk of drug diversion in your facility.

Investigation Support

Hands-on investigation support.


On-site and web-based education for your managers and staff.

Ongoing Help & Support

Continuing consultation and recurring visits.

Crisis Management

Expert assistance in crisis management.

    Diversion Specialists

    We have your solutions.

    No healthcare facility is immune to drug diversion. Diversion occurs at prestigious academic hospitals as well as small community hospitals and other types of care settings. It puts patients at risk of harm, and facilities at risk of adverse legal and regulatory consequences as well as negative publicity. Facilities are required to protect patients from harm. State laws and regulatory agencies are increasingly emphasizing the need for facilities to prevent diversion and respond appropriately when it happens.Kim web color pose 2 In order to comply with these requirements, facilities must be able to identify their unique risks and anticipate the inevitable.

    Diversion Specialists offers solutions and support to healthcare facilities for all aspects of drug diversion, from building a program to supporting investigation of events and managing liability.

    Kimberly New, JD, BSN has over 15 years’ experience in managing drug diversion issues at healthcare facilities. She has established drug diversion programs at institutions that include large and small hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. She has developed unique and innovative approaches to all aspects of the problem.

    “Healthcare culture must change for hospital staff to accept and understand that the patient is the primary victim of diversion.”

    – Maryland Public Health Vulnerability Review