Resources for Standardizing Diversion Management

By Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN

Drug diversion by health care personnel is a crime whose victims include patients, the diverting staff member, colleagues of the di- verter, the institution in which the diversion occurs, and the com- munity. Diversion almost certainly occurs at every institution that handles controlled substances, and the rate of discovery of diver- sion events has increased steadily over the past decade.

Although regulations exist for diversion prevention and detection, as well as response mechanisms, ambiguity surrounding governance leaves many facilities grappling with exactly how to approach the issue and garner upper management support for a proactive program. Furthermore, institutional response strategies and issues such as confidentiality sometimes hinder open discussion. As a result, many facilities have separate internal standards for nursing and pharmacy and lack a uniform approach across institutions and across state lines.

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Resources for Standardizing Diversion Management

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