Home care nurse accused of stealing medication, driving while drugged

This is a case from Canada where a home care nurse is charged with diverting from her patients and driving under the influence. This case highlights two diversion concerns. One is that it is comparatively difficult to monitor for diversion in the home care setting. There are some steps that can be taken by home care agencies, but in order to monitor effectively, there also has to be education of patients and their families on some level. In addition, there is a risk to the general public when healthcare personnel divert. This is one of many cases in which a nurse is alleged to have been driving under the influence of diverted drugs. Some of these cases have resulted in substantial harm to other motorists. -Kim New

A home care nurse was arrested while working on suspicion of driving while impaired by drugs, Waterloo Regional Police say.

The nurse was arrested Wednesday, at an undisclosed location in Kitchener.

Police say that once the woman was arrested, officers found that she was carrying medication taken from one of her patients.

She faces charges of impaired driving by drug, theft, drug possession and breach of trust.

Published by: CTV News Kitchener



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