St. Louis County pharmacist stole pain pills, feds say

This is a case in which a pharmacy supervisor diverted a substantial number of pills from a grocery store pharmacy. The defense stated he had debilitating headaches that prompted the diversion scheme. 
It appears from the article that subordinates questioned shortages in stock, but their concerns were dismissed by the perpetrator (who blamed others). It is so important that staff know how to escalate a concern, particularly if a supervisor doesn’t give a satisfactory answer. Many pharmacy diversion schemes involve theft by managers, supervisors and directors. -Kim New
By Robert Patrick

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A St. Louis County pharmacist stole at least 1,400 prescription pills from his employer, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Mark A. Greaves, of St. Louis County, was the pharmacist in charge at the Fenton Dierbergs until December. He began stealing prescription drugs in mid-2014, a criminal court document filed Friday says.

He started with Fioricet, a drug that is prescribed for tension headaches, and then stole the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone, documents say. Sometimes he would take whole bottles.

Greaves covered up the thefts by altering computer records, the documents say.

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