As independent consultants, Kim and Luke have developed and improved diversion programs, performed risk reviews, educated leaders and staff, and supported investigations at institutions across the United States. They have been called to manage diversion-related crises at facilities, and are well acquainted with the potential public health consequences of institutional diversion. They work closely with public health officials in several states in developing best practice standards for diversion programs. Their extensive experience with diversion investigations has enabled them to develop innovative approaches to preventing and detecting diversion.



Kimberly New

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Kimberly New is a specialist in controlled substance security, DEA regulatory compliance and institutional drug diversion. She has made a career of assisting facilities starting and refining their drug diversion programs, with a goal of protecting patients from the harm that is frequently associated with diversion. Kim works with a variety of institutions including hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory centers, and retail pharmacies. She has clinical experience in critical care, including NICU, as well as home health and terminal care. She has litigated for both plaintiffs and defendants in professional liability actions, and has a legal focus in health law and regulatory compliance.

Kim has a BS in Nursing from Wichita State University, and a JD from Washburn University School of Law. She has served as the President of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) and as a member of the NADDI Executive Board. Kim is a frequent author and national speaker on the subject of health facility diversion. She has been featured in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, and has served as a guest author for the CDC Safe Healthcare and DHHS blogs.

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Luke Overmire

Partner, Diversion Specialists

Having worked in both hospital and retail pharmacy settings, Luke has expertise in pharmacy processes and procedures, and has taken an active role in improving patient care through pharmacy process improvement. For the past 10 years, Luke has worked with various hospitals across the US on reviewing comparative analytics, improving pharmacy processes, and implementing automated dispensing systems. Luke’s passion is in working with clients on data review: implementing software and processes, interpreting data, and taking additional action based on that data, as needed. He has worked with software companies to improve their offerings in this area and has also worked with federal investigators on cases that warranted it.

Luke has a BA in Communication from Aquinas College, and is working on an MS in Health Communication at Boston University. He is currently serving as the Creative Director for the International Health Facility Diversion Association.

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Diversion Specialists does not provide medical or legal advice. Every institution should be advised by counsel in legal and regulatory matters.