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Our Services


  • Onsite Risk Assessment/Gap analysis with recommendations for remediation
  • Customized recommendations for implementing and operationalizing industry best practice
  • eLearning module creation and development (example topics include: Diversion Awareness, Discrepancy Resolution)
  • Onsite or Virtual live training sessions
  • Diversion Prevention Program Oversight and Monitoring
  • Interim Diversion Prevention Program Leadership
  • Controlled Substance Handling process review: Anesthesia, Nursing, Inpatient Pharmacy,  & Outpatient/Retail Pharmacy
  • Review of ADC settings and configurations
  • Review and guidance on best practice for wasting controlled substances
  • Review and guidance on best practice for storage of controlled substances
  • Review and guidance on complying with the Controlled Substances Act and other DEA regulations
  • Review and guidance on complying with State specific regulations
  • Onboarding and training for Diversion prevention staff
  • Oversight program building and implementation


  • Manual chart audits 
  • Review of Acudose, Pyxis, and Omnicell (ADC) Transactions for anomalies
  • Review of ADC reports 
  • Expert Review of Pharmacy Vault (CII Safe, CSM, Narc Station)
  • Expert guidance on discrepancy resolution
  • ADC to EHR Audits:
    • Transaction Audits for Anesthesia
    • Transaction Audits for Nursing
    • Transaction Audits for Pharmacy
  • Guidance on implementing an analytics solution
  • Guidance on maximizing your analytics solution
  • Review of and recommendations for improving physical security


  • Create customized, site or system specific diversion response process
  • Set up and train Diversion Response Team
  • Independent review of cases suspicious for diversion
  • Diversion Investigation support
  • Conduct interviews with suspected diverting staff members
  • Regulatory Report guidance and filing

DISCLAIMER:  Diversion Specialists does not provide medical or legal advice. Every institution should be advised by counsel in legal and regulatory matters.